Tech news: Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet capitition to prevailing tablet flagship

Nokia enchanting a great step for making model Nokia Lumia new technology tablet 2520. Nokia got 2nd position in world top 10 mobile company’s sales. Nokia having 57th position in best global brand this year, but present high competitive technology it make more aggressive work to improve their sales in market. Nokia make out even in small villages also having great goodwill. Now days it has some problems in company strategies on this cause of everything it bring back more feedback from customers is main aiming. Microsoft might dealing Nokia’s business strategies they both commence to launch new tablet that is achievement project.

Tech news:Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet Specifications:

  • It has 10.1-inch screen display with curved in design, introducing windows 8.1 RT operating system and it also support to LTE.
  • This 10.1 inches crosswise and HD 1,920×1080 in pixel and ClearBlack Display filter.
  • 6.7-MP Camera and front facing camera 2-MP for sky cells.
  • For better Battery backup it has is 8,000mAh, also special feature is instead of MICRO-USB it having proprietary charger for “fast charging”.
  •  Less charging time: 50% in 30minites and 80% in an hour.
  • For LTE power it having snapdragon 800 Processer with 8974 chipset.
  • This is only tablet having both LTE and Wi-Fi.
  • Video Director options for editing videos.

Nokia world revealed about Nokia first tablet in Abu Dhabi on 22nd October 2013, Nokia presenting new technology in tablet 2520 first time in tablet flagship. Nokia has been great manufacturer and world top second seller in phones, but it never look up on tablet manufacturing in past. It little bit late to coming with tablet but existing tablet manufacturer are making some important name and place in market environs. Such as Motorola and Samsung are making firms to build tablets and challenging with existing manufacturers those are making tablets. And some company’s HP, Dell, Toshiba also introducing this tablets soon.

There is only two tablets in market that with windows 8.1 RT, anther one is Microsoft Surface 2. That’s way both companies Nokia battle with Microsoft, it is very interesting. But Microsoft taking care about Nokia devises. Why because Microsoft already purchase Nokia company. Nokia tablet 2520’s display is little bit match to surface 2.

Tech news:Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Nokia 2520 Camera and video options:

  • Nokia also providing some own apps, together with Nokia camera, which association of Smart cam and Pro cam features so you can take gesture shorts as well as fine-tune the camera setting at a time.
  • Nokia another app is making its unveiling on 2520, is called Video Director in this app you can stitch up two individual clips together into a longer movie.
  • You can add tittle screens, sound effect, design features and music. This Video Director is not available in earlier Nokia Lumia.
  • But you can do one thing distinct mobile app to move those videos you’re having shorts for editing windows phones to tablets.
  • But you can use a distinct mobile app to move videos you’ve shot on your Windows Phone to the tablet for editing.

Tech news:Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

Nokia Lumia Tablet Design:

The tablet is very soft and charming polycarbonate unibody frame that has cover back side and wraps round the edges of the tablet. Back side has a little bit curved in design that doesn’t vibrate much when keep on a flat surface, handle it very comfort to hold in hands why because it has thin edge, also it makes feel awesome in performance and quality. Nokia 2520 is more thin and lighter than Microsoft Surface 2. Nokia Lumia tablet coming in different in colours those are glory red, white, and a matte finish in cyan and black.

Use of Windows RT:

Nokia tablet 2520 runs with Windows 8.1 RT, this is great feature why because normally using operating system intended to run on devise with ARM processer. But Nokia says it built with RT Why because for better battery life and also it helps keep the tablet thinner, meanwhile an processor x86 required to run windows 8.1 is impenetrable that an ARM processor. This tablet runs with Windows 8.1 RT with full version of Microsoft Office is free, and also other Microsoft apps like mail, Xbox Music and Sky Drive, preinstalled.

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 Tech news: Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet


Hp new computer technology in Envy17 with leap motion

New gadgets technology with HP Envy 17

The HP commences new computer technology leap motion with Envy17 laptops; this is a big step of invention to improve company goals. Most of the devises having there won specifications now a days in competition world. That’s the reason HP implant a new computer technology in first time in laptops. Earlier leap technology establisher were confident their leap motion controls was likely implanted in computers. To get this special edition laptop price is $1049.99. First it will be available in selected us retail markets, before that it also available in online Hewlett Packard web site.

This HP new computer technology features:

  • Easy to find the way an OS
  • Easy to navigating the web pages with tap of fingers
  • With fingers make your screen zooms
  • Accuracy in drawing whether two or three dimensions
  • Influencing difficult data visualizations in 3D
  • Make sign digital papers by writing in air
  • While gaming, counting those that necessitate very fast-tremble control

New gadget HP Envy 17 will meet the market:

This new technology presents to user can easily be in command of their computer with hand motions. The leap control technology up to now this available in stick-size USB device that should be plugging in to your computer USB port. HP used technology it measure the computer to translate motion with exactly 100th of millimetres. There are more than hundred applications put to influence to this technology.

Hewlett-Packard reveals this project will start in few weeks Envy 17 going to get in markets soon. This January leap motion reveal it’s a first bunch deal with Asus computer, which its controller was put together with add up to Asus computers. This April, HP computers expose leap technology decided established in coming computers but they are not specified it exactly. Now Envy 17 laptop entering in to the market with amazing features.

Michael buckwald CEO of leap motion the leap technology establish in to the computers is possible, for the reason that the company has extensively decrease the size of the module covering leap sensors and additional hardware. The leap motion CEO comes to know this new modules are having 70% smaller than its precursor.New hp computer technology

The new technology Hewlett Packard only manufacturer build leak motion technology laptops. Buckwald reveal that some discussion with others about leap motion, as of those discussions is in part of motivations and geared on the way to the company goals, this technology put together in to less significant devices, like Smartphone’s and tablets. Leap motion CEO Buckwald said “our ultimate aim is establish this technology every ware”.

Modification of actual hardware technology to bonding is based upon developers, leap motion CEO announced “I can imagine some of Smartphone’s established leap new computer technology being use as a remote control for another tool. Like that integration may not be worked out now a day. But it would be possible with company contemporary technology.

Video URL: New gadgets technology HP Envy 17

Leap motion new computer technology specification:

Leap motion technology controls lead the way by Nintendo’s wii and after enhance upon by Microsoft Kinect bring a very big leap motion promoted. In manufacturing betting to design, architecture and engineering never similar any tow devices. After today presentation about its leap 3D motion control system, leap motion has introduced by San Francisco, progressed the state of ability in this adolescent field, its making the ability to manage on their computer 100th of millimetre accuracy and introducing touch less leap motion bit to hp computer technology

Leap motion new computer technology by comparison, this sense motion behind to make most cleavers in movement of figure, like company says its 200 times better sensitive at that time in existing market. This system behaves like” 3-dimensional edge space” of four cubic feats and more accurate reaction than mouse or touch screen and just as consist of as a keyboard.

*New camera technology Sony Alpha 3000* Snap every movement that add to your past life

New camera technology

Sony added new camera technology with Alpha 3000 series ready to give out present features in camera. There are many series put to gather this is addition to aiming for who were interested to take special impression in photography. In this Sony group new camera technology Alpha 3000 is very less cost comparing to others, it just $399.This will be available on September 2013 in stores.

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Verizon: HTC new Mobile technology innovation begins with HTC One

HTC new mobile technology The HTC family new  Mobile technology innovation begins with HTC One will be enter in the market on this August 22,February announcement about HTC One after a long time it will come to market with conformed date on this months of Verizon wireless. As per information on Verizon wireless said that in this year 2013 top Smartphone in HTC flagship 32GB model it worth of $199 entire the world and it gives two years of free service. It will available online and stores. AT&T offered in online only 64GB model it worth of $299.99.You can get these mobile from T-mobile begin to sale 32 GB device online $99.99 down payment and monthly you need to pay $20 for 24 months or $579.99 total no contract with them. The HTC flagship HTC One will be sale in the mobile market nation coming week, but this Smartphone already in to the market 4 months before at AT&T, T-Mobiles and Sprint.

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Mobile Technology: Nokia Lumia 925 mobile series pre-order begins in Indian mobile market


new mobile technology with nokia lumia 925

Nokia launching new mobile technology arrival Nokia Lumia 925 mobile series finally outgoing in Indian market very soon, This Nokia Lumia 925 series is providing pre-orders from online retailer Flipkart also available. This mobile worth 33,999/- in Indian market. The Lumia 925 will come to mobile market in 3 most attractive color variants (White, Grey and Black). This mobile phone is gestated to smash in Indian markets in Fourth week of August 2013. The Lumia 925 series design is like aluminum-clad version of the Lumia 920 series. But The Lumia 925 mobile has slimmer body and more ergonomic design. This mobile have pre-loaded update with Nokia Amber. The Nokia mobile company introducing this mobile especially for youth. This mobile have new metallic bodied with windows 8 phones from Nokia series, with the Nokia 925, the Finnish style company introducing a metal design and latest innovation of pure visible view of camera, and one more thing is new features and third party applications to Lumia range.

The Nokia Lumia 925 bring together aluminum metal for the first time ever to the Nokia Lumia smart phone range. And also body of polycarbonate back coming with colors of black, white or grey variations. Lumia 925 have ultimate A wireless charging cover, available separately in black, yellow, white and red colors can be trimmed on to the back of the mobile to take the advantage of Nokia’s widespread wireless charging accouterments and ecosystem. Nokia company is posing free Blaupunkt Bluetooth headset value 1326/- with the purchase.

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