Motorola brings new mobile technology feature with MOTO X Smartphone

New mobile technology

Google first time announced their ad campaign for the new mobile technology MOTO X Including but not limited to the appearance in the hands of a high-ranking Google administrative and assorted other leaks. The Motorola going to release first flagship handset since being took by the Web giant a year ago it represents Motorola’s best chance in years to make inroads against Samsung and Apple.

Features availability in This MOTO X: 

Android 4.2.2, or Jelly Bean, predictable given Motorola is a unit of Google. Motorola is now one of the competitors to current Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One in leaked smartphones. Motorola is said MOTO X   has a 4.7-inch screen that supports 720p resolution and along with 32GB on board storage and 2 GB RAM. MOTO X is probable to accompany the same X8 chip with a dedicated natural language processing (NLP) core that listens to you at all times with the ‘Open Mic’ function.

One of the most mobile technology features in MOTO X has Google shows off I/O 2013 year for search/chrome hands free voice commands. MOTO X has unique feature the camera will on by twisting your wrist twice, and no need shutter key on-screen you just touch the screen anywhere to take a photos. Motorola might use a radically dissimilar technology in camera feature with a new filter array on top of the camera sensor. This new filter technology will allow twice more light that’s called the name of ‘clear pixel’ camera comes from.  One more feature on the camera is a split open mode; just hold your finger on-screen longer time it will take a number of photos one after another.

It seems that, the MOTO X will be responding all the times, and it can activate with saying “OK Google Now…” From there, the MOTO X device will be able to respond to any normal Google Now command or Google search not require touching your device on-screen. It’s very thrilled about this feature alone, that’s the way we have been searching for the faster way to commence with voice commands on an Android device.

Watch this video for more understanding:

Compare to another Smartphone it could be deference in feature; Motorola said that the first Smartphone you can design yourself. Why because now a day you should have the freedom to design the things in your life would be as unique, Customers can able to design their own Smartphone. Customization options are awesome you can select the default wallpaper, ringtone and apps so you feel right at home from the very first time in this Smartphone options.

Motorola bring out MOTO X on August 1 at one press event in New York City. Eric Schmidt Google CEO has already announced about this device, When it unconfirmed that this is officially about MOTO X, and he submitted “publicity stunt” written all over it. Google is allegedly expected to allow the unit to spend up to $500 million marketing that highly predictable Smartphone in the U.S. and overseas. Google is open-handed Motorola the freedom to research with leading edge new innovation in mobile.



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